My Pet Clinic

My Pet Clinic

About game «My Pet Clinic»

In this game, you are given control over a veterinary clinic with a large waiting room full with animals in need of care. A dog, a turtle, a cat, a parrot, and a rabbit are depicted here. They are all in need of attention and therapy. Animals will suffer in the near future if you don't take care of them. For instance, a cat has sour eyes, a parrot requires a paw, and a dog has many fleas living in its fur. With any pet, begin treatment and pay close attention to each one! Since you are the only person who can help them, they have no other options.

I'd like to suggest starting with a dog that is covered in fleas. Place a small amount of greenish liquid on each flea before covering with white powder. Then we use a stunning blue comb to comb the dog's hair. After that, a message stating that the pet approves of your behavior appears. We cure a cat's green mucus-filled bulging eyes, and a bunny's ear is infested with green insects. In a nutshell, all animals can be assisted effortlessly!