Finn & Bones - Adventure Time

Finn & Bones - Adventure Time

About game «Finn & Bones - Adventure Time»

This game uses turns and is based on the well-known animated series "Adventure Time." Poor Jake has been abducted by a group of terrifying skeletons, and now his friend Finn is traveling to the Lands of the Dead to save his friend from certain death! Finn will encounter numerous opponents along the road, but Princess Bubblegum will assist him because of her extensive scientific expertise.

The princess will work with you to use various materials to make new weapons. Before combat, you should always check your supplies and make sure you are prepared. Your chances of winning will be considerably increased as a result. You can utilize the elixir to heal your character while in combat. Remember that every time you defeat an enemy, you always lose something. Whatever falls, pick it up. The game has nothing that is essentially useless. Aid Finn in saving Jake from being devoured by skeletons. Have fun with your favorite characters and good luck!