Gumball Water Sons

Gumball Water Sons

About game «Gumball Water Sons»

Kitten Gumball is as agile as all his peers. He is still young and goes to school, where he gains knowledge and communicates with friends. But he is so restless that he definitely gets into interesting situations. Today, the little kitten and his friends are tired of the constant summer heat and decided to save the world from this annoying weather. Therefore, in this part of the series of games about Gumball, you will play not only for the cat, but also for his friends. The point is to defeat your opponents with the weapons you get from us. Your opponent will also be quite smart and will be able to avoid your attacks. You need to develop an effective strategy to achieve your goal. You will have different items at your disposal. Among them are stones and water balls. The game also has a very interesting storyline, because each character has something to tell about himself. Have fun!

Watch how to play: