Pubg Pixel 3

Pubg Pixel 3

About game «Pubg Pixel 3»

Pubg Pixel 3 is primarily a map with a huge territory. However, each round will last no more than ten minutes. The first thing players do is look for weapons and ammunition. Of course, you can also try to fight hand-to-hand, but we will tell you right away that this is almost ineffective. Get into the houses, look in the bushes. You can find the ammo box you've been looking for for a long time! The playing area in this game is constantly shrinking. You will love to meet other players on the playing field, even if it takes longer. We recommend not to engage in a fight right away, but rather to save up some weapons so as not to get into a situation where it ends very unexpectedly, and you will become doomed to lose. In this game you have the unique opportunity to demonstrate your shooting and strategy skills. Have much fun!

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