Big Big Baller

Big Big Baller

About game «Big Big Baller»

Welcome to the immersive world of 3D rolling fun! In this captivating game, you'll take on the role of a sticky ball with a unique ability to adhere to objects smaller than itself. As you embark on your rolling adventure, prepare to be amazed by the exciting mechanics and challenges that await.

As your sticky ball makes its way through the environment, watch as it effortlessly attaches itself to objects smaller than its current size. The more items you stick to, the bigger your ball will become. With each new attachment, your size will expand, and your collection of stuck items will grow even larger. Navigate through an array of diverse landscapes, each presenting its own set of obstacles and opportunities. From everyday items to quirky objects, you'll be amazed at the variety of things your sticky ball can attach to. The world becomes your playground, and every object is a chance to elevate your size and score. Are you ready to embark on this mesmerizing journey and witness the transformation of your sticky ball? Join the game and discover just how big you can get!