City Bus Driver

City Bus Driver

About game «City Bus Driver»

In the thrilling simulation game City Bus Driver, you compete to become the best bus driver to the delight of the locals. There aren't many skilled drivers in the city that can quickly and comfortably transport clients to their destination. You can perform aerobatics to encourage the city's residents to believe that not everyone is as careless with their labor.

The game's controls are fairly straightforward, so you may become acclimated to them in just a few minutes. The quests, which you will have enough of, must next be studied. You must travel to the green markers shown on the mini-map before picking up each passenger at the bus stop. Wait until every person is aboard before accelerating. However, as there are no constraints in the game, you can act in a completely different way. For example, you could crush passengers, refuse to wait until everyone boarded the bus, and drive the bus at extremely high speeds, endangering everyone within. What will be the bus in your control is all up to you!