Moto Maniac

Moto Maniac

About game «Moto Maniac»

From a distance, it appears as though motorbike riders effortlessly handle their vehicles while pulling off fantastic acrobatics. And how many times have you personally fantasized about hopping on a sports bike and doing the same thing again or inventing something brand-new? Performing this in real life requires extensive training, but since we are in the virtual world, we can afford to temporarily transform into true Moto Maniac and set up a sports bike challenge.

We quickly gained momentum as we moved down the wooden platform and came across the first risk right away: a spot with no boards at all, where the motorcyclist would tumble into the river if he couldn't jump over them. However, the rider of the motorcycle easily overcame this obstruction by jumping over it and continuing on. Maybe there are more challenges that can be overcome in the same way. Look at the barrel there; we did a somersault and landed on our backs, and now we're trapped on it. Of course, this is a failure, but there is no prohibition against trying again—be extremely careful and try not to overclock.