War Plane

War Plane

About game «War Plane»

War Plane is a wonderful simulation game with stunning 3D graphics and realistic aircraft controls. Become a bomber or tanker plane pilot today. Take control of one of 6 legendary planes of all time and take to the skies. In the game you can choose one of the modes, this is a free flight and a mission mode. In the free mode of the game, you can learn to perform dangerous air maneuvers, and then enjoy free flight. In the mission mode, you will find 10 exciting tasks that will be interesting for you to complete. Waste no time and start your jet engines. For a quick and efficient takeoff, start the engines with the E button, then hold down the 1 button (until the throttle valve opens fully). Release the parking brake and hold down the DOWN ARROW KEY to start climbing. When the plane reaches the desired speed and takes off, control its direction using the left and right arrow buttons. Enjoy your game and soft landings.

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