Frozen - Olaf's Freeze Fall

Frozen - Olaf's Freeze Fall

About game «Frozen - Olaf's Freeze Fall»

The funniest character in Frozen is a snowman named Olaf. He is a completely positive hero, positive, kind, very sensitive, loves to hug. An overabundance of emotions can tear the snowman apart, as happened in the game Frozen Olaf s Freeze Fall and you have to help return the snowman to its former appearance. Olaf is a product of magic, Elsa created him, and if a cheerful hero inadvertently loses a part of his body: a leg, an arm or even a head, it doesn't matter. Today he was especially unlucky, Olaf decided to go sledging down the hill and accidentally ran over a stone hummock, from which the sled turned over, the snowman rolled head over heels. His snowy body did not endure such a blow and fell apart into separate components. Only the body remains intact, you will control it to get the rest of the elements in the game Frozen Olaf s Freeze Fall. Jump up the rocky platforms and don't miss lying heads, limbs and other items necessary for a snowman.

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