Gun Mayhem

Gun Mayhem

About game «Gun Mayhem»

Is it feasible to lose yourself in a computer game with no story, the most basic controls, and graphics akin to those in an everyday old cartoon movie? No, of course not, will be the response from anyone who doesn't understand what it's about. However, if we can get you to play a few levels, it won't take long. And it's true—the most important thing you need to accomplish in this wild action game is to avoid breaking the keyboard while your hero is jumping, running, evading, and many other movements that are all intended to win—he needs victory like air. The multiplayer feature, which is surprisingly nicely integrated here and allows for up to 4 players to be present on one screen at once, is another bonus to the game that players search for in practically all computer games.

Nothing is expected of you, we mean that you don't need to give your subsequent actions or playtime any thought. The gameplay is quite simple, much like the game itself in theory. Simply grab the first weapon you see and begin shooting everyone that enters the level.