Shark Bait iO

Shark Bait iO

About game «Shark Bait iO»

The task in Shark Bait iO is to play in such a way as to capture the leadership pedestal and stay in its leader for as long as possible. To do this, you need to constantly grow in experience and size, and for that you need to eat fish. All fish without indication of health bars are eaten at once. There are giants squid and super hammer sharks, you have to work with them. It is important to understand that players only play as sharks; all other fish species are bots. Along with the increase, you get skills that enhance blows, increase speed, and regeneration. Some allow you to release a cloud of ink to hide after being bitten. The more you grow in level, the more you become physically. And the player who took the top position in the Shark io is indicated by a yellow crosshair. It is usually very hot around the topper. While you are small, it is better not to poke around in the middle of the map, but to swing around the sides.

Watch how to play: