Ant-Man: Combat Training

Ant-Man: Combat Training

About game «Ant-Man: Combat Training»

Ant-Man offers to practice alongside him as he gets ready for a battle with evil. See how far you can advance in the combat simulator by putting your knowledge and skills to the test. Scott Leng, the titular Ant-Man, is a former criminal who changed into a half-man, half-ant hybrid after acquiring a fantastic suit. The Earth is about to face yet another threat on a universal scale, and the "ant" must practice nonstop for days in order to fend it off. Give it your all to become a true hero and battle any brand's foes!

Scott Leng, who joined the Avengers as Ant-Man, must put forth a lot of physical effort to keep up with his teammates. A man in a red suit races through a training hangar right away. Along the route, he encounters numerous barriers, including individual barrels, mountains of crates, and other such objects. Ant-Man can jump and hang in the air for a while as well as run quickly and efficiently. In order to score points, he must fire down red targets. He becomes bigger by accumulating blue objects (like ammunition).

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