Rickshaw Driver

Rickshaw Driver

About game «Rickshaw Driver»

The original type of taxi can be found on the streets of Asian cities. Today you yourself can be a motor rickshaw in the online game "Real Rickshaw Driver". This realistic game with 3D graphics will let you plunge into the atmosphere of Asia. You need to take passengers and deliver them to their destination. For this, you, as in real life, will receive payment, only in this case it will be virtual. So, you play as a driver who has to pedal and look for customers around the city. When you find them, your task will be to deliver them to a specific location. Every driver has endurance, so you don't always drive fast. The goal is to make enough money to buy a new bike or new driver. There are only 10 levels in the game, but you will need a lot of time to complete them. In general, the game is quite interesting, especially for those who have not yet seen this type of transport, which can be called a "taxi". Play, roll around the city, transport people and enjoy the gameplay. Try to buy all available bicycles in the game. Good luck!

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