Rock Paper Scissors

Rock Paper Scissors

About game «Rock Paper Scissors»

Do you know how to end a protracted and pointless argument quickly? Most likely - yes, you can sit down and talk it out, you can offer arguments and arguments, and you can fight at the end, but this is all very time-consuming, and dangerous, and nobody needs it, particularly if the disagreement is over who will play on the computer first, who will help mom first, or who will have the best seat while watching a cartoon. We are aware of a lot easier method; do you recall the name of the simple game you may play using the figures on your fingers?

Now, everything is dependent on chance and a little forethought, albeit it is not really required to do so. It is theoretically possible to avoid waiting for conflicts by simply playing and succeeding. Let us review the rules: in a combat between a rock and a pair of scissors, the rock always prevails since the scissors' blades just snap. The paper will stay in the hands of the winners who have covered themselves in a stone when one player has a paper on his fingers and the other has a stone.