Russian Car Driving

Russian Car Driving

About game «Russian Car Driving»

We present a super interesting game for all racing fans! Apparently you are already accustomed to the same tracks in all games, which are so similar to each other. Want something completely new? Then we have something to offer you. In the game Russian Car Driving, we will take you to the largest country in the world - Russia. It produces many different car models. And its manufacturers invite you to test them. To do this, they created a separate city, where the experiments will actually take place. How cool! First you will see a few cars that you need to test. Choose one from which to start your task. Get behind the wheel and wait for the signal to start the journey. When you hear it, press the gas and go through the whole route, performing various tricks. But the main condition for you is to bring the car whole and undamaged to the finish line.

Watch how to play: