Stick Freak

Stick Freak

About game «Stick Freak»

For some, the game Stick Freak will seem weird because you have to play for a character that isn't exactly typical and who looks like an oblong shadow with a mask covering the face. We'll be taken to the highlands, where our hero and other peculiar people reside. Because there is a chance of escaping while going from one high mountain to another, these people lead arduous lives and must battle every day to maintain their life. Since this is the only item to rely on when moving the hero across the cliffs, the player will need to boost their climbing abilities.

By all means, it is essential to carry out the elder's role in a responsible manner. To arrive at the closest settlement, our protagonist must navigate a treacherous path. A mystical stick that may lengthen is given to him to aid him. The hero will have to climb mountains as they have in the past. You should choose the stick's length so that it links to the mountain because the distance between them is continually shifting.