Mr Ninja Fighter

Mr Ninja Fighter

About game «Mr Ninja Fighter»

Prepare to be astounded by your own legendary ninja body, resilience, agility, amazing ability to vanish and reappear, and ability to wield weapons. Playing several free online ninja games can teach you how these warriors use their skills. They are employed for the riskiest jobs, and when they play, you will experience every subtlety for yourself. When the mission is finished, they appear to emerge from hiding and meld with it.

You will travel to ancient Japan and assist the courageous ninja in their battle against gangs of criminals in the new Mr Ninja Fighter game. Your character will have to travel to isolated provinces in the nation and eliminate all criminal organizations there. On the screen in front of you, your avatar will be holding a sword. He will proceed along the path by running. He will encounter numerous ground faults and pitfalls along the way. For your character to jump over each one, you must utilize the control keys. Hit the opponent with your blade when you encounter him to finish him off.