Baby Hazel In Preschool

Baby Hazel In Preschool

About game «Baby Hazel In Preschool»

As part of the game's progression, the player must meet all of the child's requirements and accomplish all of the chores on the list in order for the game's main character, Baby Hazel In Preschool, to be happy. You are free to familiarize yourself with the duties after the start at any time that is convenient for you. And it's fantastic! The faster you can satisfy the requirements of the game's main character, the more points you'll earn, which will be transferred to your bonus account immediately. If you make a mistake, the youngster will be upset; you will lose automatically, and you will have to start over. You'll have to assist a little girl get ready for kindergarten in this game because she's worried she'll be forgotten and everyone will laugh at her. You must first purchase a baby, after which you must apply a moisturizing cream to the whole body.

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