Sky Invasion

Sky Invasion

About game «Sky Invasion»

People were eventually able to put a stop to their battles and begin exploring space and visiting other worlds in the far future. Extraterrestrial societies were discovered during this period, and a connection was even made with the alien occupants of the galaxy. Unfortunately, not all aliens were friendly toward humans and some were aggressive in their acceptance of space visitors, yet mankind nevertheless colonized unoccupied planets. Aliens with an aggressive mentality started sending lone fighters to destroy people's spacecraft in an effort to stop the resettlement of people. Since the galactic legislature prohibited hostility against humans and found nothing wrong with humans settling on dead worlds, aliens cannot openly attack.

Use the radar to look for the adversary until you see her via your space fighter's windows. Once you get the opponent in your sights, you can start to demolish them, but be ready for a counterattack. You can activate defense energy shields, but they won't last for very long, so it's advisable to move away from the enemy's point of fire.