Jingle Jetpack

Jingle Jetpack

About game «Jingle Jetpack»

Jack made the decision to develop a brand-new type of jetpack on the night of the Christmas and New Year's holidays, which can only be referred to as the Christmas Jetpack. And guess what? He was successful after giving it a lot of consideration, including how to ensure that the backpack doesn't require gasoline, that his engines can handle any load, and that he can climb up for however long the owner required.

Instead, study the controls, put a rucksack on Jack's shoulders, and take to the road. There are multiple courses on the test strip, and on each track, there are various deadly objects and laser installations. But in addition to the risks involved in the exam, you also need to collect the most stars possible, which are spread out over a variety of heights. If you gather everything, the bag can be manufactured. If it doesn't work out, prepare ready for additional testing. If everything goes as planned, you can choose a new skin for the hero, which is a reward in and of itself, in addition to giving the scientist who created this aircraft the stars.