City Car Stunt 2

City Car Stunt 2

About game «City Car Stunt 2»

Cars for boys are their favorite toys, and games for boys online racing, perhaps the first computer games that they pay attention to. Simulators bring the action closer to reality, and the virtual racer feels even a slight roll of the car, goes through the devices and stops at the pit stops to replace the wheels. Super cars of sports models are in the garage and just waiting for you to pick them up and ride. Once you already did this in the first part of City Car Stunt 2. This game is a sequel. Take the first car and embark on a futuristic ride. You will not just ride, you need to perform tricks. On such machines you need to drive fast, deftly steering the wheel, making sharp turns, accelerating to unimaginable speeds. The game has six routes, use nitro to accelerate. Open access to new models, even cooler.

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