Fighter Aircraft Simulator

Fighter Aircraft Simulator

About game «Fighter Aircraft Simulator»

The Fighter Aircraft Simulator game is ideal for you if you've always wanted to pilot a real airplane and soar high into the air. From takeoff to landing, a realistic flight simulator will keep you entertained. The game will provide numerous impressions and vast vistas of the world. There will be a total of 6 planes available to you, all of varying grades. One of them will be the storied MiG-17 jet fighter, known for its extreme velocity and flying agility. You do a number of tricks and moves in the air on it that you have only seen in movies before.

Feel like an attack pilot by selecting a combat helicopter from the game's selection. We advise you to test the remainder of the aircraft on your own. Take flight, spread your wings, and put your trust in him. As you practice flying like a bird, you'll experience a sense of weightlessness and freedom that you'll never forget. Play to ascend to the throne of heaven! Complete a variety of flips and spins, fly over the hills, and locate a stash that is very well hidden. Good luck!