Bad Girls Makeover

Bad Girls Makeover

About game «Bad Girls Makeover»

Really, though, why are they bad? The girls are pretty good, it's just that for some reason the game considers their free-spirited clothes to be in some way "street." However, there is nothing incorrect with that. Yes, it's unconventional, but it has nothing to do with the conventional notion of what a female should wear. Instead, it's contemporary, youthful, and democratic. You and I will have to assist two girls in the game Princess game name in order for them to dress up as two bad girls so that they can attend a theme party. Open their closet and choose suitable outfits for the pictures in order to do this. You should select fashionable shoes and other accessories for them.

Think on the tendencies that the game presents, and perhaps some of these will catch your attention. You don't have to try to replicate the "outfit" perfectly; you can just use some of the ideas and design cues. Think, daydream, and learn how to be unique, including being like these "bad" chicks. Show everybody your fashion skills!