Bad Girls Makeover

Bad Girls Makeover

About game «Bad Girls Makeover»

Actually, why are they bad? The girls are actually good, just for some reason such a free style of clothing, which is considered in the game, is considered to be some kind of "street". But there is nothing wrong with that. Yes, outside the box, but nothing to do with the classic idea of clothing for a girl, but modern, youthful and democratic. In the game Princess Bad Girls Makeover, you and I will have to help two girls create the images of two bad girls so that they can go to a theme party. To do this, you will need to open their wardrobe and select the appropriate outfits for the images. For them, you should choose stylish shoes and other accessories. Consider the trends presented in the game and maybe some of all of this will interest you. It is not necessary to try to exactly copy the "outfit", you can borrow some ideas, style elements. Think, fantasize, know how to be different, including such as these "bad" girls.

Watch how to play: