Demolition Monster Truck Army 2020

Demolition Monster Truck Army 2020

About game «Demolition Monster Truck Army 2020»

A new three-dimensional race that's the main objective is to survive in the arena of death, an arena where there is no space for weaklings and sissies may provide destruction and chaos, adrenaline and extreme speed, the rumble of metal, and the boom of drums. Only here can you speed up, clash with an opponent who is pulling stunts and destroying everything, and let anybody who gets in your way know what is in store for them—only death beneath the wheels of a massive destroyer jeep.

You must now choose a crucial action that will decide the future of your racer and jeep. We are referring to the game mode. There are only two of them, of course, and one of them allows you to engage in multiplayer bouts in the arena while the other will place computer opponents in front of you. However, it's generally best, to begin with the second option in order to have at least a basic understanding of the race, the arena, controlling jeeps, and the damage that may be dealt to adversaries as well as received in return.