Smart Looter

Smart Looter

About game «Smart Looter»

It appears that the robbers are extremely intelligent individuals, and it is true that to rob a store or a bank successfully, you must devise a plan that would allow you to not only escape with the loot but also avoid being pursued and ultimately apprehended. However, our hero is only beginning his "predatory" existence, therefore he is not yet as knowledgeable and skilled. He might be able to make up for his lack of experience and expertise with your assistance.

The thief chose a tiny store to start with because there is only one security guard there, so you might be lucky and he won't notice you. However, the robber was unaware that the store also had cameras placed in addition to the guard. Video surveillance systems still have blind spots, so if you're very careful, you can still hide in the shadows. When evading the guards and cameras, keep in mind that you need to rapidly carry out your illicit activities and leave; otherwise, the guards will notice the loss of valuables and raise the alarm; at that point, nobody and nothing will be able to save you from punishment.