Smart Looter

Smart Looter

About game «Smart Looter»

It turns out that the robbers are quite intelligent people, and after all, in order to intelligently rob a store or bank, you need to come up with a plan with which you can not only get away with the loot, but also avoid the pursuit, and later arrest. But our hero is just beginning his "predatory" life and that means he is not yet so smart and experienced. Perhaps your help will help him compensate for the lack of experience and skills. The robber decided to start with a small store, there is only one security guard in it, which means that you can get lucky and he will not notice you, but the robber did not foresee that the store had cameras installed in addition to the security guard. True, video surveillance cameras have blind spots, that is, you can still stay in the shadows if you are extremely careful.

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