Glam Girls Dress Up

Glam Girls Dress Up

About game «Glam Girls Dress Up»

Glamor. There is so much glamor in this word. So, in the new dress-up game Glam Girls Dress Up our heroine wants to go to a party. She imagined the club and drew it. Yes, our heroine draws very well. Why did she draw it? Well, to make it easier for her to choose an outfit, because she is completely confused in her things. Damn, even her drawing doesn't help her here. Well, tell me, who didn’t want the fame and attention in their life that the celebrities of cinema, television and fashion receive from day to day. You play along with the girls who should be on the catwalk, because they are supermodels. You play as the stylist of a fashion house, who must take care of the appearance of each girl, so that they boldly take pictures, pose and appear on magazine covers and on Instagram pages. Good luck!

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