About game «Stuck»

Players in the online game Stuck compete to construct the tallest tower. The object of the game, which involves stacking blocks on top of one another, is to build the tallest tower you can. The game is a terrific challenge for players of all ages and is simple to learn yet challenging to master. You can test your spatial awareness and problem-solving abilities while having a ton of fun with game-name. The online game Stuck is entertaining and addictive, making it ideal for gamers of all ages. In order to build the tallest tower possible, the game's objective is to stack blocks on top of one another. You gain more points the taller your tower is. But take care—if your tower collapses, the game is over for you!

This game will keep you occupied for hours and is a terrific way to test your reflexes and hand-eye coordination. Attempt to finish as many levels as you can before you become bored of stacking. With simple yet beautiful graphics designed the game has we are sure you'll never be tired of it!

Watch how to play: