Janissary Tower

Janissary Tower

About game «Janissary Tower»

A real heroic duel awaits you in Janissary Tower! You will turn into a brave janissary warrior who is ready to do anything to defeat his enemy. Now you have to defend the tower, which your opponent is trying to destroy. Demonstrate miracles of dexterity and ingenuity to prevent the enemy from carrying out his insidious plan. Are you ready for fierce battles and dizzying victories? Then, welcome to the Janissary Tower game, where you can fight with your friends for two! Your characters will be two janissaries in blue and red robes. Players will stand on either side of the screen near their towers. The essence of the game is that you need to destroy the enemy's tower before he breaks your fortress. To do this, collect cartridges for huge guns and bonuses that huge robots will drop from the air.

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