Crazy Goal: Soccer Stickman

Crazy Goal: Soccer Stickman

About game «Crazy Goal: Soccer Stickman»

Get ready for a unique and challenging soccer experience in the game of Crazy Goal: Soccer Stickman! In this game, you are in full control of the ball's direction and route by using your drawing skills. Put your wisdom to the test as you solve puzzles and aim to score impressive goals that will leave your opponents and spectators in awe.

The gameplay in Draw Kick is all about creativity and precision. With your finger or mouse, you'll draw lines on the screen to guide the ball toward the goal. The challenge lies in finding the perfect angle, trajectory, and power to overcome obstacles, outsmart defenders, and ultimately score a goal. As you progress through the levels, the puzzles become increasingly complex. You'll need to use your ingenuity to navigate through mazes, around barriers, and even past moving obstacles. Drawing the right path is not only about getting the ball into the goal but also about doing so with style and finesse. Are you up for the challenge? Embark on a journey filled with exciting puzzles, impressive goals, and hours of fun!