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Who is Batman?

For all those who want to try themselves in the confrontation with criminals of different levels, corrupt politicians and corrupt representatives of the city this opportunity is always presented in computer games – "Batman games". Batman is a role model, a superhero who came to games from the pages of comics and is incredibly a popular character to this day: As evidenced by a large number of movies, animated series, toys, and Souvenirs. No wonder he is included with Superman and Spiderman in the top three greatest superheroes in the world. He has a huge number of loyal fans among children and adults. Batman – the dark knight in a bat costume in the fight for justice against the forces of evil. He does not have superpowers, but this does not stop him, he uses only his own intelligence and physical training. It is no accident that there are games, "fighting game with him", which focuses on this profile of the hero – the greatest master of martial arts in the DC universe. Here he uses against various opponents a combination of powerful blows, spectacular stands or various gadgets familiar to us from comics and movies. All of these are fairly simple and easy games, although sometimes Batman has to fight not only one-on-one but also against two, three or more.

Are all games with Batman simple?

No, they aren't. However, there are also quite complex games where several genres are combined-both fighting and arcade. It is no coincidence that the history of this character's comics highlighted the possibilities of his mind. His IQ is significantly higher than 180 and his logical abilities are no less high. He knows and uses the achievements of biology, physics, mathematics, mechanics, and computer science. Batman has an excellent photographic memory and reasonable thinking, he has an invincible will and the ability to inspire fear and intimidate his enemies. And what an unusual and brutal technique on which it moves. Batman games will please you with a variety of levels that store a lot of secrets and strong opponents, the victory over which will bring you joyous satisfaction. All this, in the end, is a great potential for developers of "Batman games". The capabilities of modern information, computer technologies, and powerful computer programs allow you to make your location, implement character animation, and create a fascinating story. The popularity of such games is guaranteed for more than a dozen years. On our site you will see a whole section of such games.