We are all adventurers since childhood. At first, without understanding this, we know the world, and then consciously, getting into various everyday stories that can only be called adventures. We analyze these events and assume how our history would have changed if there had been a different choice. Before the arrival of the computer, such options could be played indirectly by reading a book or watching a movie where you follow the main character and imagine yourself in his appearance. But, unfortunately, this is a one-dimensional, repeatedly repeated story, which can only be applied with a large gap of error to the real story. Although, have to honestly said that this is also an important textbook of life. What do adventure games eat with?

But nowadays, on the era of the personal computer, used for solving various tasks, there are new opportunities to test your original desire – the search for adventure. The most important thing-without consequences for your body. This is adventure games. Playing them, you feel the spirit of adventure, the main character - your avatar, which you consciously control and make decisions. The choice is yours: where to go, what to take, in which direction to move. The most important thing: it didn't work out - you can repeat it, given the unsuccessful experience of the previous campaign. The best films of Steven Spielberg, where his hero is the fearless archaeologist Indiana Jones, as well as movies and comics with Lara Croft-who often risk their lives in places full of dangers — ancient ruins, tombs, where they are surprised by a lot of traps and puzzles, as well as a huge number of various enemies - are high examples of classic adventure games.

Have we got Adventure games?

Sure! It are an interactive stories with the main character controlled by you. The most important elements of such computer games are the actual story and exploration of the world, and the key role in the game process is played by solving puzzles and tasks that require certain mental effort from you. And for fans of especially thrills, games have recently appeared that require the player to react quickly and respond quickly. This is an action-adventure. For all ages, friv2online offers a wide variety of adventure games: from short games that consist of several rooms and a simple plot-usually to find an object or get out of a trap. Or more complicated, where you can hang out for a few hours, absorbed in the magical and fantastic universe of the game, in the brightest colors, with quite realistic characters who live their own lives. Friv2online has the widest range of various adventures, from home to epic, from simple to multi-level. There are games for the record, or games designed for luck or, as in action, for a random error. Plunge into the world of your choice, awaken the spirit of an adventurer, relax and enjoy the freedom and opportunities!