Rocket Clash 3D

Rocket Clash 3D

About game «Rocket Clash 3D»

In the future, when space is no longer something far away, you are. Earth's development has advanced significantly thanks to us. Construction on specialized prisons outside the planet, where particularly dangerous criminals were housed, was very active at this time. In one of these places, there was a riot. You must pick a side—prisoners or special forces—and engage in combat. Are you intrigued by the plot! We bet you are! So don't waste any time thinking, let's dive into it!

The online game Rocket Clash 3D has fantastic 3D computer graphics and a gripping storyline waiting for you. In this scenario, you will assume command of a special forces unit defending a missile silo from an invasion by hostile special forces. You have the shorter AK-47 and AKS at your disposal. Additionally, as the game goes on, you'll discover a secret weapon buried deep inside the mine. Find adversaries in a maze of subterranean passageways, and beware of poisonous missile waste rivers.