Rocket Clash 3D

Rocket Clash 3D

About game «Rocket Clash 3D»

You are in the future, when space is no longer something distant. Earthlings have made great progress in its development. In particular, the construction of special prisons outside the planet began actively, where especially dangerous criminals were kept. There was a riot in one of these establishments. You need to choose a side: prisoners or special forces and get involved in hostilities. Excellent 3D graphics and an exciting plot await you in the online game Rocket Clash 3D. Here you will become the commander of a special forces squad protecting the missile silo from the invasion of enemy special services. At your disposal is a shortened version of the AK-47 and AKS. And as the game progresses, you will also find a secret weapon hidden in the bowels of the mine. Spot enemies in a network of underground corridors and watch out for rivers of toxic rocket waste.

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