Infinity Battlefield Ops

Infinity Battlefield Ops

About game «Infinity Battlefield Ops»

Infinity Battlefield Ops is an addicting shooter in which you will fight in a tough battle for truth and peace. You play the role of a brave soldier, and you will have to carry out a difficult task. You have to deal with a group of invaders in all 10 missions that are hiding in a small village. Your task in this game is to get as close to the enemy as possible and try to neutralize him, while saving your life. You must be a fast and accurate fighter in this difficult battle. At the place of your deployment, an excellent hummer has already been brought to your aid, so that you finish off all the terrorists as quickly as possible. All of them are marked with a red crosshair and you can easily see them. Kill all the bandits and the task can be considered completed. After eliminating all invaders, head to the helicopter, it is marked with a blue target and will be waiting for you.

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