Impossible Moto Bike Track Stunts

Impossible Moto Bike Track Stunts

About game «Impossible Moto Bike Track Stunts»

Someone loves to ride a bike on a perfectly flat track, accelerating to cosmic speeds, and we invite you to demonstrate your ability to jump on a motorcycle. To proceed to the next stage of the competition in Impossible Moto Bike Track Stunts, you must complete the tasks. They consist of collecting gold cups. The awards are located at the tops of the trampolines, which are located throughout the huge track. Choose whichever one you want, accelerate well and drive onto the concrete dais to grab the symbolic vase. The required number of cups will be added at each level. There is no shortage of them on the field, just find the springboard and enter. Remember that you can easily access the game on various devices for completely free on our website. Have much fun and share your emotions with your friends!

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