Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush

About game «Kingdom Rush»

Kingdom Rush is a military and strategy game that appeals to people of all ages. In fact, protecting sponsored regions requires not only agility and a strong fighting style, but also intelligence and the capacity to plan ahead a bit.

The right tower selection and placement on the kingdom's map are essential to the plots of Kingdom Rush. Thinking through the layout of armed bastions is vital to prevent opponents traveling down the road from entering the enclosed areas. Four different tower types are available to the player, each of which can be erected in a specific location: an archer tower, a wizard tower, an artillery tower, and a military barracks tower. You become aware that you are the kingdom's current ruler. This calls for the development of our nation; this is more fascinating than the plants growing in our office behind a computer. Join Kingdom Rush with a variety of gadgets and devices. The levels are fun and fast, inspiring new victories for the benefit of the protected kingdom.