Lego Block Puzzle

Lego Block Puzzle

About game «Lego Block Puzzle»

You will undoubtedly enjoy the Lego games we have available on our website if you enjoy building things and technological innovations, enjoy putting together tiny components and putting original ideas into practice. The well-known Tetris game has been transformed into a game name. In our game, two completely separate Tetris and Lego universes have merged. Together, they produced a terrific game with eye-catching graphics and fun action. Create something that resembles Legos by combining various shapes and colors. The game is played similarly to the original Tetris game. The main menu will greet you when you launch the game for the first time.

Starting from the main menu, you can play the game for the first time. The idea of the game is quite simple. If you did, you would need to regulate the skyward falling blocks in order to combine them into a single structure. That's right; the obstacles will disappear, and you'll succeed. If the building reaches the very top, you will lose. Enjoy and have a fantastic time!