Run Jerry - Tom and Jerry

Run Jerry - Tom and Jerry

About game «Run Jerry - Tom and Jerry»

Tom and Jerry's games are made specifically for you if you enjoy laughing heartily, playing about, and reliving stories about the conflict between a big cat and a cunning little mouse. They will put you in a positive mood and provide a sustained boost of energy since they are vibrant, energetic, richly graphic, and musically distinctive.

The point of every animation starring these characters is that Jerry always has to flee from Tom the cat. Run, Tom and Jerry Jerry is no different, but the mouse has a strong ally in the player, who will aid in his cat's escape. Your ability to manage your skills will determine Jerry's fate. Click on him to give the small runner enough time to jump over various barriers, such as vacant spaces between shelves, dishes, and mousetraps. Tom will immediately start to stomp on the hero's heels and then entirely catch him if the hero trips at least a few times. If you stumble, you will lose some of your lives, fortunately, you can pick a few on the road if you want to run to the end of this game.