Burger Stack

Burger Stack

About game «Burger Stack»

You can fast fry a burger if you don't have time for careful preparation. They will explain what they are, how to do it, and how they work with free online games. You will master instant preparing this dish and selling it to customers in a little cafe. There are more components and a faster pace. Tom, a young man, works at a café where he watches as hamburgers are made. He received an invitation to take part in a local chefs' competition one day. The participants' aim is to make the biggest burger they can. In the game Burger Stack, we will assist our hero in preparing this meal. A table will be in front of you.

A moving arm with an object gripped in it will be seen above it at a specific height. You must place it in the center of the table. On a lying object, you should already throw off the next product. So, using the components, you will make the biggest burger possible. Are you ready to take up this cooking challenge? If you love burgers, you should definitely try it out!