Burger Stack

Burger Stack

About game «Burger Stack»

When there is no time for thorough cooking, you can quickly cook a burger. And how to do it, and what they are, they will tell you free online games Burger. In a small cafe, you will become a master at instant cooking this product and selling it to visitors. Speed is increasing, and there are more ingredients. Young guy Tom works in a cafe in which he stands on the process of making burgers. One day he was invited to participate in a competition of local chefs. The task of the participants is to prepare the largest burger possible. We will help our hero make this dish in the game Burger Stack. You will see a table in front of you. Above it, at a certain height, a moving hand with an object clamped in it will be visible. You will have to drop it in the middle of the table. You should already throw off the next product on an already lying object. So you will cook the largest burger out of the ingredients.

Watch how to play: