Jelly Go

Jelly Go

About game «Jelly Go»

Play the new game Jelly Go and emerge the victor! By chance, unusual disintegration started between jellies of various colors. They always find a justification for the conflict, and this time it was a new jelly mass. Red jelly, on the other hand, thinks that blue was overdone with the amount of color and the bulk falls on blue, whilst blue jelly thinks that there is more red jelly and it does not suit them. However, we'll let you in on a little secret: there are a lot more red jelly than blue jelly, so this time we'll take the blue jelly's side and try to balance them. To do this, however, you'll need to solve a number of puzzles, so compare the masses of red jelly and blue jelly separately before deciding how to strike a balance. Of course, the red jelly may think you made the incorrect choice, but you will have to fight to the last extra gram of jelly because the choice has already been made.

To win this confrontation, you must indicate the path using the cursor line, then send part of the jelly to the red case, after which the jellies of different colors will mix, and if that part is enough to win, you won.