Despite the fact that most of our games are more suitable for boys, girls also have a lot of interesting things. Girls are calmer in nature, because in this section there are no militants where you need to shoot your enemies, fights and races. For the fair sex, games in which you need to do makeup, dress up dolls, build cute houses, etc. are suitable. Fortunately, there are a lot of such games and girls also have something to play.

What have you got the most popular sections of games for girls?

- Games from cartoons. One of the most popular cartoons for girls is Winx, Barbie and Monster High. Games with characters from these cartoons are very popular;
- Dress Up All girls, from childhood, love to measure clothes. They didn’t have time to get to their feet, but they were already walking on Mom’s heels. Games of this category allow you to select unique outfits for your models;
- Hairdressers and makeup. In addition to beautiful clothes, girls love beautiful hairstyles and bright makeup. As a rule, children are not allowed to use cosmetics, but anything can be done in games. They are available cosmetics for every taste. It is also possible to make a wide variety of haircuts and styling;
- Cooking Games. There are many interesting games where little housewives can learn to cook in a playful way. In such games you can cook cakes, donuts, drinks and many other goodies.

Well, this is understandable, but what can be the use of these games?

Playing such games, girls from childhood learn to care for themselves, dress beautifully and behave well. There are also many different quests and walkers for girls in which you need to solve hard puzzles and look for a way out of difficult situations. Such flash drives very well develop logical thinking, focusing and generally positively affect the development of the child. We can say with confidence that this section is not a bad game. All of them are very calm and performed in bright colors.

If you were looking for a site where you can play good games for girls, then you have found it. There are extra several reasons for this:

  • All games on the site are completely free;
  • Games do not need to be downloaded and installed; they run directly in the browser;
  • Only good, colorful and interesting games are selected;
  • Making a choice is not difficult, because users leave feedback about the game.