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About The Simpsons Games

For almost three decades, The Simpsons Games family has delighted us with their adventures and funny jokes. Everyone knows them because they parody the vices of society. These characters never get old and always find a way out of any situation. Over the years of its existence, the characters have gone beyond the animated series and began to appear in comics, fiction, and feature films. Of course, games about the Simpsons are presented in abundance on our site. You have the opportunity to take part in the adventures of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie, and other residents of Springfield in a series of exciting games of all genres and settings. As you know, the lifestyle of the Simpsons differs from the carefree existence of an ordinary person: cartoon characters constantly find some problems on their heads, and get into various troubles, but always find the strength to get out of them with dignity. Adventure games with The Simpsons immerse the player in the world of their favorite cartoon characters. You can play as Homer or Bart and help them complete numerous levels in an urban atmosphere. Run, jump, and don't let your wards die in numerous traps, since there are plenty of them here.

The Characters Of The Simpsons Games

The main characters of most games are Homer and Bart - which is not surprising, because the first is famous for his unique ability to get into all sorts of adventures, and the second is a famous bully who cannot live a day without another prank and trick. Somewhere you will explore the world and fight villains, somewhere you will be engaged in various tasks, somewhere your task will be to overcome obstacles, and somewhere you will have fun in dynamic racing races that will test your reaction and endurance. The female half of the Simpson family is different: together with Lisa and Marge, you will choose outfits and hairstyles, change the situation in the house, look for treasures, play solitaire - in general, do what these characters are interested in.