What boy doesn't like fast driving and a beautiful car. First, it's a toy, and then it's your own car.

Welcome to our category –"car games". Dive into the sea of emotions and adrenaline. All games share one important quality – they are dedicated to cars; they are for fans and for fans of speed.

What popular sections of racing do we have?

Racing games. Dangerous tests with extreme, incredibly difficult tracks, with sharp turns and obstacles. You need to drive without accidents, be attentive and agile, be ready for any change in the situation.

Street race. Racing in the style of the famous movies "Carrier" and "Fast and furious". Feel like real heroes or police officers rushing after criminals, or, running away from them. There is no speed limit, there are no brakes, there is only a goal to achieve. Speed is your element.

Circuit race. How many fans of Formula 1 racing there are, drivers of Michael Schumacher, Ayrton Senna, Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel. For racing fans from North America, there are the famous NASCAR or IndyCar ovals. These are different countries and cities, they are different countries, but you always need an accurate calculation, the ability to manage your car, knowledge of the car and its characteristics. But you can set them for yourself: the engine, design, color, and accessories. And collect victories on the stages of races.

Truck racing. These are powerful, terrifying, gigantic machines. They seem slow and slow-moving. But turn on the engine noise, feel its bass, feel the energy, the ability to drive on any off-road. Convert it into a "monster truck" and ride so that the ground jumps under the wheels.

Motorcycle racing. Try a small, aglie motorcycle that flies like a swallow over the mountains, jumps from a variety of jumps, holds steady on all obstacles mototrials, quickly rushes in the ring motorcycle races.

We are sure that car games will be able to please everyone in whatever age category from 5 to 90 he was not.