Mafia City Driving

Mafia City Driving

About game «Mafia City Driving»

Mafia City Driving is an action-packed game where you take on the role of a ruthless gangster in control of the city. Hop into a sleek car and navigate the streets, shooting down pedestrians who dare to stand in your way. Your mission is to collect suitcases filled with money while eliminating anyone who opposes your rise to power.

Explore the vibrant city as you work your way toward domination. Gather 20 money-filled suitcases and show no mercy to the three dozen pedestrians trying to thwart your plans. The open-world environment allows you to unleash your creativity and take charge of the road. With no restrictions and no one to hold you back, you'll soon become the feared kingpin of the city. Drive with confidence and assert your dominance over the entire underworld. Step into the driver's seat, conquer the roads, and let the city tremble at your presence in Mafia City Driving. Engage in thrilling car chases, intense shootouts, and become the ultimate kingpin of the mafia world. Show off your driving and shooting skills as you climb the ranks and build your criminal empire in this action-packed game.