About Mafia Games

Online games about the mafia will immerse you in the criminal world of mafia showdowns and shootouts with enemies. The villains will attack in droves, so often you will have to non-stop pull the trigger to destroy all the gangsters and stay alive. A large selection of weapons is presented, but you won’t be able to get it for free. To do this, you will have to pass levels and save money for modifications. Acting as a sniper, you will play as a professional shooter who follows the orders of the godfather and destroys the given targets. The games have good physics, you can hide behind covers, dodge bullets with somersaults and tackles, and also jump from car to car, making real chaos on the road. The best mafia games will plunge you into the criminal world of lawlessness and police harassment. There are a large number of walkers and quests on the principle of "get out of the room" on a gangster theme, where you will need to both help negligent thieves rob a bank and put criminals behind bars. In a variety of online shooters, you will play as valiant law enforcement officers and bad guys. With a large arsenal of weapons, the player will have to fight their way through to get away from the chase and hide the loot.

What is the Mafia?

Why does everyone love the mafia so much? Everything is simple. It is these games that make you feel free. And the point here is this: both card games and online games for real mafia open up many opportunities for players. Real freedom is where you can try yourself as a violator of the law. The mafia has its own rules: do it and survive, or die, but do it, and at the same time not light up. Be careful and attentive: this is the only way you can complete mafia games without losing your character. Here you will find the best free mafia games. Find those who have decided to act outside the norms of laws, morals and rules. The latter, by the way, will be few: complete the task of the head of the mafia at any cost and survive, and also not go to jail - this is what is relevant for those who want to become a valuable cadre in the mafia.