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Archers as the first snipers?

Most boys love to shoot slingshots, bows, air rifles, and most of all - a real military weapon. Sniper games will give you a great opportunity to practice your shooting skills from the coolest machine guns that only the best armies of the world have in service! The sniper game is the best entertainment for those who love a good battle. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of exciting fights, where you can fully show your fearlessness and bravery! One for all, and all for one! As soon as people started fighting, they immediately started trying to shoot. Therefore, shooters who could hit without a miss were valued very highly! After all, even during the rule of the Tatar-Mongol tribes in the armies of Genghis Khan, one Archer could finish off entire armies of enemy infantry - how can we not appreciate such productive soldiers? During the middle ages, weapons that hit rivals at a distance were considered a form of dishonest fighting. After all, the one who has a bow or crossbow could show a serious threat to the enemy, while remaining completely inaccessible to an enemy attack. However, the need to have a military advantage has always been stronger than the arguments dictated by the concepts of honesty. For a reason, when firearms appeared in the army, it was the soldiers armed with weapons that became the basis of the personal guard of kings and other high-ranking persons. Remember about Robin Hood, Legolas, or ...John Rambo?

What do you need to be a cool sniper?

We all know the story of the Musketeers, and many can even sing by heart the famous song "It's time - it's time - we'll be happy in our lifetime!.." But how many glorious stories about hand-to-hand fighters do you know? I bet you can't remember any of them right away unless you're specifically interested in the history of war. It is a pity, of course, that now it will not be possible to shoot from the weapons of those distant times. Shooting with a rifle was a real art, not comparable to shooting with a modern machine gun! But all the samples of genuine firearms used during the time of European monarchies have long been stored in Museum vaults, and none of them shoot. But do not worry, any computer game sniper contains a full range of firearms: from rarities to super-modern samples! A well-known fact: during the second world war, the highest awards were awarded for the heads of the most skillful snipers, not for commanders. With their ability to disguise themselves and perfect accuracy, the shooters could easily take down one enemy after another, but they were rarely caught. After all, tracking down where the shooting is taking place, and where the sniper is hiding, was a special art! Without any doubt, the Riflemen have always been and are still the elite of any army. Only special forces or paratroopers can compete with them in this, but these guys are valued much higher if they can shoot quickly and accurately.

Good, what do you have in our sniper games?

Games about snipers - this is your chance to stand in line with the best warriors of our time and in a real battle to showcase what you can do. You are able to test your strength, but also improve the skills: use computer toys as a real virtual polygon, and you will quickly achieve success! The main thing is training! If you want to succeed, you need to constantly increase your skill level. Remember: while you sleep - the enemy is training. They learn new techniques, improve their speed and aiming characteristics, and will soon be able to win, if you do not only keep up with them, try an stay couple of steps ahead.

Of course, no game about a sniper can give you what real training on the range will give you. After all, only holding a real live weapon in your hands, you can feel how heavy the butt is, whether the recoil is great, and how to aim correctly, sometimes without even an optical sight, just at the tip of the muzzle. But to develop the speed of reaction and accuracy of such entertainment is quite possible! And knowledge of the basics of tactical combat can be obtained without resorting to real combat.

Sniper, this is for you!

So, if you want to feel really cool and have a great time for an exciting activity, you will definitely like the sniper game. The main thing - do not be afraid of anything, and bravely go to your goal, and success will definitely come to someone who will be a hard worker. And so that you do not have to comb the entire Internet in search of a suitable simulator, we have collected the most interesting and exciting sniper game on our site. Choose any and enjoy! All sniper games are good without exception, each have its own pleasant features. Among them, everyone will be able to find something to their taste!