Sniper Trigger Revenge

Sniper Trigger Revenge

About game «Sniper Trigger Revenge»

This time our character has to carry out various tasks and you will help him in this game in Sniper Trigger Revenge. On the playing field there will be your hero who will be in a particular area with a weapon in his hands. The victims will be at some distances. By tapping on the playing field, you will paint a specific dotted line. Using it you will need to build the trajectory of the bullet and, when prepared, to perform a shot. If your scope is precise, then the bullets will kill the enemy and you will be awarded points for this. In this game you will need not only to shoot but also to apply your logical and strategic thinking. Because in every round there will be a limited number of shots, and you must use them wisely. Also, collect starts, which you will see on the screen. Have much fun!

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