Tower Lockdown - Teen Titans Go!

Tower Lockdown - Teen Titans Go!

About game «Tower Lockdown - Teen Titans Go!»

Something strange and mysterious has been going on with the tower of the young titans lately. Strange anomalous zones have emerged in each of the building's rooms, and when the titans enter them, they start to fly, roll over, tumble, and walk on the walls and ceiling. But this cannot go on; we must stop these strange occurrences and identify the cause. To find out what's going on in the tower, you must accompany Teen Titans Captain Robin!

It can seem to you from the start of the perilous adventure that everything is normal in the tower of the titans and nothing is suspicious. However, the first room only has you in it, making it easy to get beyond; however, after that, the most peculiar and odd things will start to happen. All of a sudden, your hero Robin will begin to walk on the walls. This is really cool and enjoyable, but how can you get out of a place like this? If you manage to find the key, which is located on one of the walls, it will assist you in leaving. In contrast, there might be four or even eight doors in certain rooms, making it difficult to determine which one leads to the next.