Army FPS Shooting

Army FPS Shooting

About game «Army FPS Shooting»

A real warrior can only be a soldier who has undergone special training and visited hot spots, but in the virtual world this is not so important, the main thing is to be constantly on the alert and not get ahead, waiting for the enemy to appear. This is the tactics we recommend to everyone who dares to go into battle by launching one of the first-person shooter modes. By the way, for fans of aggressive behavior in such shooters there is also a mode and here they can show their abilities like nowhere else. So, first, decide which battle mode you prefer, attack mode or defense mode, the tactics of behavior in battle depends on this. We will start, perhaps, with the attack or aggressive mode, where you will be given the task of clearing a certain territory from enemy soldiers, but here you need to think, because you can grab a weapon and brazenly attack the enemy by shooting at everything, or calmly catch enemies one by one and quietly liquidate.

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