Vegas Revenge

Vegas Revenge

About game «Vegas Revenge»

There was a reason why a sports model girl arrived on the streets of Vegas. She arrived here in retaliation for a loved one who had been murdered by one of the gangs. The heroine resolved to track down the criminals and exact retribution after learning of this. The beauty knows that the bandits would be released, so she does not hope for justice. Help the rebel heroine initially by providing her with rapid transportation—for the first time, a motorcycle will do. You may drive anywhere and swiftly conceal yourself on it. In addition to driving around the city, the Vegas Revenge assignment calls for locating and destroying the opponent. She initially spent a lot of time observing the surroundings and the residents, and now she is prepared to avenge those who caused her to experience a severe loss of a man. She will get on a very fast motorcycle first, and you will assist her in handling the weapon after that.

You have twenty levels with distinct goals to complete within a set amount of time in this game, which is split between a shooter and a race. Good fortune!