Cyber Truck Drive Simulator

Cyber Truck Drive Simulator

About game «Cyber Truck Drive Simulator»

Play Cyber Truck Drive Simulator online free game. Click to play this wonderful game, where the key point is to manage the car, which has no driver, but, nevertheless, must be controlled by a human. There is a remote control built in this car. You must reach the flag in a least time possible. You can see the arrow, which indicates the direction, where you must go on the screen. Once you go in a proper direction, the number of meters reduces. However, if you notice that the distance is increasing, change the direction, because you took it wrong. Do not forget about time, because the main task is to be the fastest in this game. The Cyber Truck Drive Simulator offers you to drive among the picturesque mountain views, where there are no roads and civilization. Do not forget that you can access this game from any types of gadgets and devices.

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